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Spa and wellness area

In the extensive spa and wellness area of the DEVA Hotel Alpenhof you will find everything your wellness heart desires, such as a swimming pool and a sauna. You can also relax in our steam bath or unwind in our relaxation zone and take the stress of everyday life away from you.

In addition, you will find a fitness area in the spa where you can train and work out, or you can let yourself be looked after with various wellness treatments. Our offers here range from cosmetic treatments to massages.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool at the DEVA Hotel Alpenhof consists of an indoor pool with a length of 12 metres and a width of 6 metres. Here you can peacefully swim your laps or just relax and splash around. The water depth of 1.3 metres ensures that you can also swim with children without any problems, making your stay with us an unforgettable experience.

Of course, both comfortable bathrobes and fresh bath towels are available to you at all times.

You don’t need to bring your own and thus save a lot of space in your suitcase, which you can use for nice souvenirs on your return journey home, reminding you of your dream holiday with us

In our relaxation area you can unwind from your swim or the day’s adventures in a beautiful atmosphere. Our comfortable loungers invite you to do so, which you will find both in the indoor pool itself and on the terrace, depending on where you prefer to lie. There you can take a nap, finish reading the exciting novel that’s on your mind, leaf through magazines or simply unwind and let your mind wander. The bath is open for you from 8 am to 9 pm in the evening.

Spa - Saunebereich

sauna area

In our sauna area you will find a Finnish sauna where you can sweat traditionally and hygienically without textiles. The temperature is a pleasant 85°C. In addition, you have access here to a steam bath and a shower cave where you can really shower off.

One of our highlights in the spa is our oasis, which guarantees absolute peace and relaxation and where time stops for you for a while and you can simply enjoy the moment.

Opening hours are on demand between 9 am and 9 pm.

Steam bath

In the steam bath, you can expect a temperature of 45°C, which is pleasant and beneficial to your health. Not only will you get cleaner skin, but your immune system and respiratory tract will also improve. Say goodbye to high blood pressure, muscle tension or joint problems and enjoy yourself as much as the ancient Romans did in their bathhouses. The steam bath is currently closed, but we will let you know as soon as this changes. The opening hours are the same as for the sauna and the oasis, between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. on request.



Whether you are looking to improve your fitness, build muscle or simply exercise, our gym is here to help. In the 70m² centre, you can work out on our state-of-the-art and well-maintained equipment, which is cleaned regularly, and complete a wide range of exercises to keep fit.

Strength training

Get a defined and beautiful body by using our muscle-building equipment. For this, we have various exercises for biceps, triceps and secondary arm muscles.

We also have equipment for the back, abdomen, legs and of course the buttocks. Each muscle group is optimally supported by us, so that you won’t miss out on a single exercise.

Fitness training

Of course, you can also work on your endurance with us. Improve and expand your stamina on our treadmill, our stepper or on the bike. You can adjust the intensity to your individual needs so that you get exactly the training you want and are used to at home. Or you can try something new, just as you like. With us you can do both.

Back training

Especially if you sit a lot at work or work in an office, you know how important good back muscles are to avoid or prevent pain. That’s why we have special equipment for gentle and efficient strengthening of your back, so that your spine is optimally relieved and you can go through life upright and pain-free. After all, your health is very important to us.


With us you can train like a real astronaut. The Powerplate was originally developed for space travel to prepare pilots for the conditions of weightlessness. Please ask our reception team for details on how to use the plate in order to take advantage of the perfect workout, which will help you lose weight after just 10 minutes, and to benefit from it in the best possible way.



Spa treatments

So that you can treat yourself and your body to a reward, we have various massage offers and cosmetic treatments in our repertoire for you.

Our cosmetic area offers you the opportunity to be completely pampered from head to toe. From classic to special massages, you can choose from a variety. Our cosmetics team will be happy to advise you individually in advance or on site so that you can choose the right offer for you.

We will be happy to arrange an appointment with one of our colleagues for you. Just let us know your massage wish in advance so that we can book it for you and you don’t have to put up with any waiting time on site, but can be pampered straight away. You will find a price list with the details attached to this letter.