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Double Room Comfort

The Comfort double rooms are approx. 15 square meters and have a French double bed. Furthermore, the rooms are equipped with TV, shower / toilet, hairdryer, WiFi, bathrobe and cosmetics.

  • 1 Bathrooms
  • 15m2 Room size
  • 2 Occupancy max adults
  • 2 Max occupancy
  • 1 Occupancy max children
  • parking
  • WlLAN
  • king size bed
    king size bed


These rooms are equipped with a queen size double bed (two separate mattresses). Some Comfort rooms, located directly next to each other, have connecting doors – ideal for families. Should you wish this, we will be happy to check availability for you.

bathroom equipment
bathroom equipment

  • bathrobe
  • Hairdryer
  • shower
  • towels

room furnishing
room furnishing

  • closet
  • flat-tv
  • floor covering
  • wlan